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or eVAT?

Simplicity is a virtue. Welcome to eVAT.

What we do

When it comes to tax, who doesn’t like to keep things simple?

Created by tax professionals, at eVAT, we believe simplicity goes a long way

As a technology partner for eCommerce tax experts, and the wider online marketplace, streamline your VAT compliance process with transparent workflows for registration, calculation, submission, and compliance management.

Using a straightforward, easy-to-use interface, we break down all the complexities involved in cross-border transactions and make tax the one thing it usually isn’t. Easy.

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Transparent and easy-to-follow pricing!

No commitments. No hidden fees.

Each Bundle Contains

Advanced VAT Calculation Methods
B2B Transaction Calculation
Distance Selling Threshold Monitoring
Tracking of Intra Community and Warehouses movement
Multi-level and multi-user access
Free access for your accountant!
Additional Services
  • VAT Submission - 69€ / submission [EC Sales List included]
  • VAT registration - 249€ / registration
  • IOSS Submission - 69€ / submission
  • OSS Submission 69€ / submission
  • EORI Number registration - 99€ / registration
  • Consulting - 150€ / each started hour

eVAT App subscription

Price per month
0 - 500
Unique Items
+0.0580€ per each extra UI
501 - 1000
Unique Items
+0.0490€ per each extra UI
1001 - 5000
Unique Items
+0.0158€ per each extra UI
5001 - 10000
Unique Items
+0.01€ per each extra UI

Pricing frequently asked questions

What is a unique item?

A unique item is one (or more) unique goods (or services) connected with a transaction that occurred.

How is a unique item calculated?

Example 1: You sold a pair of jeans and a pair of socks. The eVAT app will consider these two as unique items because each item has unique varieties and requires individual processing.

Example 2: You sold two pairs of the same jeans. The eVAT app will consider this as one unique item because the quantity of unique goods does not require additional processing.

Is there an example of such a system?

An example in practice is ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number).

What happens if I exceed unique items in my bundle?

In case you exceed the number of unique items in your package we will charge the difference for the exceeded number of unique items.

Example: You used 505 unique items, and you are subscribed for up to 500 unique items. We will charge you the difference of 5 unique items based on a price per unique item from your package. In this example that is 0.06€ per unique item, or 0.30€ in total.

Do I pay the submission fee if I use my certificate?

eVAT enables you to submit a VAT return for free if you are using your certificate!

eVAT is a one stop shop for e-commerce VAT

Our long term goal is to develop an organized and cost-effective solution where all communication and paperwork are digital, transparent, and easy to follow.

Keep track of the acquisition, supply, movement, and import of your goods, while managing all of your invoices and import documents in one place.

With entirely customizable, user-level permissions, our technology will allow absolute control over data and be applicable for all registered countries our partners (and their clients) have in the eVAT account.

Additional benefits of using eVAT include the ability to establish a network of your partner accountants and the option to scale your business, no matter the tax jurisdiction. Our team is also working hard to enable a seamless integration of digital communication channels for various tax jurisdictions.

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