Company story

The origin of our story dates back to 2013 when Kruno, eVAT's founder and CEO, entirely dedicated his professional focus to issues in global VAT compliance.

After changing surroundings to find new professional challenges, he recognised the vast business potential in the EU compliance market.

Right from the beginning of the business venture, the "Compliance Team" grew, but the same pain points were coming up. Pain points that required extensive manual work and a lot of managing.

To tackle those pain points, we created a concept. It was a rough wireframe of the solution that will help us (primarily) and others (potentially) to deal successfully with those pain points in the fast-growing compliance market.

The rough concept we had in front of us was later developed into a tool that was for internal use only, but it proved us compliance could be managed in a simpler and quicker way. For us and for others like us.