Why eVAT?

The first large case study done with eVAT was testing the app internally. Our team worked in a “CRM” mode. A mode that best fits the needs of, e.g. Tax Agents that manage dozens or even hundreds of clients.

    The objectives of the case study were:
  • to compare the "Correction rate" between standard and eVAT data submission
  • to compare the "Total Hours Spent" between standard and eVAT data submission
  • to compare the number of "VAT Teams" managing the clients between standard and eVAT way

    As illustrated in the graphic below, by using eVAT, the desired reductions were achieved in all three case study goals with the following numbers:

  • the "Correction rate" was reduced from 0.13% to 0% [reduction of 100%]
  • the "Total Hours Spent" was reduced from 546h to 84h [reduction of 84%]
  • the "VAT Teams" was reduced from 12 to 2 teams [reduction of 84%]

Along with the desired reductions, some other noticeable improvements showed as well.

To conclude, eVAT saves time and money and empowers businesses to use those resources to grow and create new values.

Pre eVAT Post eVAT
Clients 2400 2400 =
VAT Teams 12 2 84% reduction
Administrative Teams 1 - 100% reduction
Total Hours Spent 546 84 84% reduction
Correction rate 0.13% 0% 100% reduction
Communication Channels 5 1 80% reduction